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Make money while you play! Join the fb899 agent program and earn commission on all your referrals. We offer a flexible commission structure with a generous 40% payout rate. You’ll also get access to our platform and marketing materials like banners, widgets and much more for your promotion. If you promote us with determination and skill, we will reward you handsomely. Join now!

What is fb899's agent program and its advantages

The fb899 agent program is a partnership program that allows agents to promote fb899’s sports betting platform and earn commission on the traffic and customers they refer. Here are some advantages of the fb899 agent program:
High commission rates
The fb899 agent program offers competitive commission rates for agents. The commission rates can range from 25% to 40% depending on the amount of revenue generated by the referred customers.
Strong brand recognition
fb899 is a well-known brand in the online casino industry, which can make it easier for agents to attract customers and generate revenue.
Access to marketing materials
The fb899 agent program provides agents with a variety of marketing materials, including banners, landing pages, and promotional content, to help them promote the platform.
Real-time tracking and reporting
The fb899 agent program offers real-time tracking and reporting, which allows agents to monitor their traffic and earnings in real-time.
Dedicated support
The fb899 agent program has a dedicated support team that provides assistance to agents and helps them optimize their performance.
Multiple payment options
The fb899 agent program offers multiple payment options, including bank transfer and GCash, which makes it easier for agents to receive their earnings.
FB899 agent program provides agents with competitive commission rates, strong brand recognition, access to marketing materials, real-time tracking and reporting, dedicated support, and multiple payment options. These advantages can help agents maximize their earnings and grow their business.

You can become part of our team and start earning commission immediately

Our agent program is designed to help you earn money and boost your traffic! Join our agent program and start earning commission immediately – all you need to do is register, log in and start promoting us!
  1. If you would like to join fb899 as an agent, please click on the Register button above.
  2. After entering the agent registration page, please fill in your personal information and click the confirmation button when you are done.
    • Real Name
    • User Name
    • Email
    • Cell phone number
  3. Once you become a fb899 agent, you will be given a referral code that you can use to receive commissions when your referred players sign up.

Conditions of claiming commission

fb899 offers a simple, and effective method on how you can make money while playing online games. As an agent, all you have to do is refer your friends and relatives to the website. Every time they register and deposit money into their account, we will issue a commission for you.

  • Computation of Commission: (Total Win/Loss – Promotion Fees) * Commission Percentage = Commission.
  • Negative Commission will not be deducted to the weekly accumulated commission.

You must have a GCash account to earn and withdraw your earnings. You can transfer earnings to your personal bank account or check your balance online. Commission will reflect to your account every 1 am and depending on the minimum payout, you can withdraw the earnings within 3 business days after the last transaction.

Become a partner with fb899 and start earning money instantly!

fb899 is an online gambling and sports betting site that offers affiliates the chance to earn commissions by simply referring users to join. Unlike many other agent programs, it does not matter whether players win or lose as you still receive your commissions. Register now as a partner and start earning immediately!
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